Welcome to Ceramic Pro Puget Sound where we are experts in interior car cleaning. We spend a great deal of time in our cars and it’s not always easy to keep them as clean as we’d like. Work commutes, food, coffee and children can take a major toll on a vehicle’s interior. Not only is a messy car unpleasant, it’s also time consuming and a pain to clean. That’s why Ceramic Pro Puget Sound has created a package specialized specifically for the interior. We are experts on Paint Correction and Paint Protection, but we are also skilled in interior detailing. You can add this package to any of our exterior detailing packages like our Exterior Package or even our Concourse Correction Package, just to complete your detailing experience. This package includes a thorough vacuum, surface cleaning and cup holder cleaning. We get rid of all the dirt, dust, and crumbs that you have accumulated. If you have any stains on your floor mats or upholstery, we will go ahead and remove those as well. It all depends on your needs. Your car will look and smell like you just drove it off the dealership lot.

Included in Package

  • Interior Vacuum
  • Deep Cleaning of all Surfaces
  • Cup Holder Cleaning

Ceramic Pro® Packages

Ceramic Pro® is a paint protection product that uses nano-technology to defend your vehicle’s paint against the elements and everyday wear.

Ceramic Pro® GOLD Package

The vehicle is coated head to toe with Ceramic Pro and a lifetime warranty is included.

Ceramic Pro® SILVER Package

The Ceramic Pro Silver package is perfect for most car owners and includes a 5-year warranty.

Ceramic Pro® BRONZE Package

The Ceramic Pro® Bronze package is a great value! It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Ceramic Pro® SPORT Package

The Ceramic Pro Sport package is great for those new to paint protection!