Paint Correct Puget Sound

At Ceramic Pro Puget Sound, we are your go-to experts in paint correction Puget Sound. Here, we are known for paint correction and paint protection. Your paint encounters many environmental hazards on a daily basis. Your formerly glossy finish is now probably dull and covered in swirls. Those swirls appear from improper washing techniques and are much more noticeable on darker colored cars. If your paint is in need of more than just an Exterior Touch Up or a Clay & Polish Package, then this package is the one for you. The Paint Correction Package will leave your car looking like it has had a brand new paint job.

This package includes several advanced processes to decontaminate your paint and remove defects and flaws from the paint’s surface. It’s important to protect your car once you’ve corrected the paint, we strongly recommend Ceramic Pro paint coating or Clear Bra Film. We start this package off by thoroughly washing the vehicle to remove dirt and surface debris. The next step is clay bar decontamination. The detailing clay is able to extract harmful contaminants that can’t be removed from washing. Some of the common particles removed by clay bars include brake dust, rail dust and pollutants found in acid rain.

Included in Package

  • Clay Bar
  • Compound Polish
  • Removal of wash lines, micro marring and swirls
  • Wheel and Tire Detail and Shine

The best way to protect your investment!

The Paint Correction Process

We start off this package with a through hand wash to remove the dirt and debris, to avoid further damaging your paint. We then move on to decontaminate your paint with the clay bar method. After clay bar decontamination, we start the polishing process. Polishing consists of multiple steps using a variety of abrasive compounds and aggressive polishing pads to remove marring, swirls, wash lines and scratches. Depending on the condition of the vehicle’s paint, it may take more than one stage of correction to properly eliminate the paint defects. This package also includes a wheel and tire detail and shine.


Ceramic Pro® Packages

Ceramic Pro® is a paint protection product that uses nano-technology to defend your vehicle’s paint against the elements and everyday wear.

Ceramic Pro® GOLD Package

The vehicle is coated head to toe with Ceramic Pro and a lifetime warranty is included.

Ceramic Pro® SILVER Package

The Ceramic Pro Silver package is perfect for most car owners and includes a 5-year warranty.

Ceramic Pro® BRONZE Package

The Ceramic Pro® Bronze package is a great value! It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Ceramic Pro® SPORT Package

The Ceramic Pro Sport package is great for those new to paint protection!